Policies & Regulations

Welcome to JLDC. We are a state of the art dance facility designed to fulfill a dancer’s hopes and dreams. The family and faculty of JLDC are dedicated to the love of dance and committed to cultivating the joy of learning in an educational and nurturing environment. We believe our love and passion for dance will continue to take us down a successful road that we hope to share with you and your families. We are eager and ready to begin a new season.

Thank you for your interest and support,
The JLDC Family



Upon acceptance of registration, students are enrolled and financially responsible for the entire 11-month session from September through the end of June (INCLUDING MONTH OF AUGUST).

The annual registration fee of $25 will be due at registration; this fee is non-transferable and nonrefundable. The fee for each additional child is $15.


 For your convenience, tuition may be paid according to one of the following plans:

  • Plan 1: Full Year-One payment in full at registration. You will receive a 5% discount by choosing this payment plan.
  • Plan 2: Monthly-Tuition will be due on the first of the month. First month’s payment, which is Non-Negotiable and Non-Refundable, will be due at registration.
  • Tuition will be considered late after the 10th day of each month. A $20 late fee will be added to the account after that date. All financial obligations that are carried over for more than three months will be handed over to a collection agency and the child will be unable to participate in class.

NEW!! This coming season you will be able to access your account online or by uploading our app. You can view your payment history, make payments, etc.

*OPEN CLASSES ARE NOT INCLUDED IN UNLIMITED CLASS PACKAGES. All open classes are additional and payable at the JLDC Front Desk only.

We accept the following forms of payment:

  • Cash: a receipt will be given for you to save.
  • Checks: returned checks will assess a $25 returned check fee.
  • Credit card: Visa, Master Card, AMEX only.
  • Automatic payment: we will charge your credit card the first week of every month.
    • Please note – that if tuition and all financial obligations are not paid in full by June 1st , your child will not be able to participate in our annual dance recital.


  • Class schedule is subject to change based on enrollment.  (there must be a minimum of 6 enrolled students tobe an active class)
  • Students will be evaluated during the first two weeks of class and level changes may be made based on teacher evaluations.

Students do not move up to the next level according to the amount of years that they have studied dance. They must be able to execute proper technique for that level; this is at the teacher’s discretion. Some students may take several years to develop as a dancer, while others might only need as little as a year of training. Natural ability, effort, practice and attendance will affect each student’s progression as a dancer.


  • Parents must complete an Add/Drop request form, which is available at the front desk.
  • Please note September tuition is nonrefundable. As of October 1st, your tuition will be adjusted if you add/drop a class. If the add/drop form is not filled out, your monthly tuition will remain the same even if you drop a class.  There will be a $25 Fee for all classes dropped after October 1st.
  • Any dancer who quits JLDC after January 1st is financially responsible for the balance of their tuition and costumes for the remainder of the year.


  • No refunds/credit or make-up class will be given for dancers missing class due to vacations, holidays or inclement weather conditions which are beyond our control. Parents are responsible to notify JLDC if their child is going to miss two consecutive weeks of classes.  If notice is not given after two consecutive weeks of missed classes, full tuition for that month must be paid.

Snow and Inclement Weather

  • We will follow the Union City school closings for snow and inclement weather conditions.
    • Unfortunately, these situations are out of our control and we may need to close last minute for safety reasons. If you are unsure please call or check our website. You will also, receive automated call, email and text notifying you of any closings or changes to class schedules.


Holiday Closings

  • Columbus Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving Eve, Thanksgiving Weekend, Winter Break, Martin Luther King, President’s Day, Good Friday, Spring Break, & Memorial Day Weekend. A detailed calendar is available on our website. Please Note – the calendar is subject to change so please check website for updates.


  • JLDC’S Annual recital is held in Union City High School. Specific dates and times will be announced.
  • JLDC dancers may perform in one show or multiple shows which is not decided until later in the year. *Please note that unfortunately siblings are not always in the same show.
  • Anyone participating in the recital production must attend a mandatory dress rehearsal as well as a tech rehearsal prior to the show.
  • Students unable to attend mandatory rehearsals will not be permitted to participate in the recital. Staging and dress rehearsal is the final opportunity to make any last minute adjustment for the show. Our goal is to put on a professional performance displaying the hard work and effort of all the JLDC   dancers for their families and friends.

Arrival Information:

  • All students must arrive at The Union City High School 1 1/2 hours prior to the show fully dressed in their first costume. (Including hair & makeup)
  • ·       All dancers should be dropped off by the dressing rooms where security and staff will greet them. Only one guardian per child will be permitted in the dressing rooms. The guardian responsible for costume changes must wear a backstage bracelet.  Family members and guest may proceed to the main entrance and wait for the doors to open.
  • DANCERS AGES 3-6. Parents may then bring them to the corridor outside of the backstage area and wait with them until one of the backstage helpers lines them up for their performance. Parents should pick up their child immediately after their performance and may return to watch the show, if their child is not in any other numbers.
  • Dancers ages 3-6 only need a ticket for the show if they want their own seat, or they can sit on Parent’s lap.

 Backstage Instructions:

  • Dancers 7 & up will not be allowed to leave the dressing rooms & backstage area during the show. Please make sure your child brings snacks (i.e. non staining foods such as water & pretzels). Glass bottles are not permitted. Due to allergies among several dancers, please NO peanut products. We also recommend small activities for your children (i.e. books, playing cards & handheld video games).
  • JLDC is not responsible for lost or stolen items. All costumes, shoes should have student name
  • All dancers must respect other dancer’s space and property in the dressing rooms. Disrespect towards JLDC staff members will not be tolerated and dancers will be escorted out.


  • All family members and guests will need a ticket for the recital, including children over the age of 6 (SEE ABOVE). NEW this year, Recital tickets will be sold online sometime in May. Seats are first come, first serve. All tickets are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. JLDC is not responsible for tickets that are lost or misplaced. In the occasion that occurs you will have to purchase new tickets.
  • Every family participating in the year end Recital must pay the recital fee of $200. This includes 8 tickets that you will purchase online at $25 each (you may purchase additional tickets if needed). This fee also includes additional costs, such as rehearsal time and or props, sets, etc.  Please note, you may not sell or share tickets with other JLDC families participating in the recital. AGAIN, EVERY PARTICIPATING FAMILY MUST PURCHASE THEIR OWN TICKETS. (WE WILL KEEP CLOSE TABS ON THIS THROUGH OUR ONLINE SERVICE) A participating family consists of one child and/or siblings.  It does not consist of cousins, lifelong friends, etc.

Audience Rules and Policies:

  • Videotaping and Flash photography will not be allowed. The shows are professionally filmed and will be available for purchase. It has become increasingly difficult to control the use of cell phones, iPads, etc.  However, bear in mind that when you record your child’s performance you are inadvertently videotaping someone else’s child/children and also the teacher’s choreography without their consent, especially when the performance is posted on social media for all to see.  The last thing we want is to resort to any type of lawsuit.
  • All the children work very hard, so please refrain from leaving your seat while a number is performing. This is very distracting not only to the dancers but to others watching the show and may interrupt the videotaping of the show as well. The auditorium doors will only be opened in between dance numbers.


  • After the finale has ended we ask that all guests please exit the auditorium as quickly and safely as possible so we can begin the dismissal process.
  • Special note* Please do not attempt to go backstage to see and/or pick up your child during the show. All dancers will be under the supervision of responsible adults backstage and will be safe for the length of the show.
  • All dancers are required to remain backstage for the entire show. There will be NO early dismissals


  • Full costume payments will be due by December, 31, 2015. A deposit is required by October 31 2015. Measurements will be done during dancers scheduled class times.
  • JLDC is not responsible for alterations to a child’s costume or for minor defects caused by the costume company.


  • Candid photos will be taken during the winter during class times. Class and individual pictures will be taken in the spring. Information regarding dates and times will be announced during the year.
  • Pictures in our Recital program must be submitted by the scheduled deadline (tba) in order to avoid misprints and/or omitting pictures. Only pictures taken by our host photographer, LEKAH STUDIOS will be considered for our Recital program.


JLDC company members are students who are serious about learning to dance in a professional environment. Company does not mean “Competition”, it means commitment. Company is for students who are dedicated and who want to perform in addition to the recital. A company member may also be a part of the competition team. They must have a good attendance record and be committed to their classmates and teachers for all rehearsals. Once student’s reach an advanced level, it is important that they have consistency in the classroom for learning technique and choreography. When students are constantly absent it forces the teacher to go backwards instead of forwards.

 Here at JLDC we want to produce the best possible dancers and choreography that we can. We are hoping that through these company classes we can have material ready to use whether it be a community performance, a benefit, a competition and so on.

 Once a student commits to a performance or competition they must take on the responsibility of extra rehearsals and fees that come along with it.

 Any student that misses the last rehearsal before a performance will not be allowed to perform.

 Further information regarding performances, competitions and workshops will be given to those members chosen.


  • A signed contract committing dancers to rehearsals, traveling and additional fees.
  • Participation in specific classes and technique classes. Attendance at all rehearsals.
  • Attendance at performances and a limited number of regional and national competitions.


  • When a student has reached a certain level of dance, they will be invited to participate in any or all specialty numbers, which are choreographed throughout the year. Specialties consist of: Solos, Duets, Trios, Small and Large Group Numbers, & Production Numbers


Please read & follow

Dress Code

  • The JLDC Dress Code which can be found on our website. You may purchase all your dance wear needs at The Dance Bag.com, Discountdance.com or flamencoexport.com.  When you enter the Dance Bag site you will enter the password, jandl , you may than proceed to purchase all the required dance wear for your child depending on age. All Dance wear purchased at The Dance Bag will be delivered to the school.  Only the required dance wear will be permitted, in order to take class. If the student is not properly dressed a warning will be given along with a letter the parent/guardian must sign and return. A second offense, the child will not be permitted to take class.
  • We understand that being late sometimes is unavoidable. Arriving to class on time is in the best interest of the student especially those where higher levels are concerned. A student who misses the beginning exercise runs the risk of injury by not being properly warmed up.
  • For your safety there is No Chewing Gum in Class.
  • Cell phones may not be used during class. Cell phones may be stored at the front desk.
  • No food or drinks are permitted in the dressing rooms.
  • Only water bottles are permitted in the dance studios.
  • Please support and respect your fellow students and instructors so JLDC can continue to be a fun, friendly and family atmosphere.


  • I will provide JLDC with current telephone numbers, emails and emergency contact information
  • I will view the JLDC website, check emails, the studio bulletin board, my child’s dance bag and ask questions regarding JLDC news and updates
  • I will trust that the faculty and staff at JLDC have my child’s best interest in mind when it comes to their dance education and that they want my child to succeed.
  • I will take responsibility for all fees, tuition payments and deadlines throughout the year
  • I will respect and treat the JLDC facility as if it were my own home and I will not allow my child’s siblings to disrupt classes in session, staff working and/or vandalize the complex ** No food or drinks are permitted in the lobby
  • I will respect members of the JLDC community including fellow parents, students, faculty and staff in person and on the computer
  • I will not question or argue with JLDC faculty and staff members regarding JLDC’s rules and policies
  • I will alert JLDC if there are any significant changes in my child’s health, or well being that may affect his/her ability to attend class or perform
  • I understand I am not permitted to interrupt teachers before, during, in between or after classes. **If you wish to speak to a teacher, please leave a message at the front desk and the teacher will call you or set up an appointment to meet with you.
  • If you are unhappy with certain issues at JLDC please see the front desk to make an appointment with the director and please do not discuss it in the lobby or hallway. We will do our best to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Misunderstandings are often caused by such conversations.
  • Please do not discuss the abilities, class placement or performance of any JLDC student in the lobby or with the staff.

JLDC reserves the right to refuse service to anyone who does not comply with the above code of conduct.

News and Information:

  • Please take time to check & become familiar with the Parent Page on our website.  Notices and updated announcements will also be posted in the lobby, and sent via e-mail. It is the parent and dancers responsibility to find out any information they may have missed while absent.

Social Media

  • Please respect the JLDC brand on all forms of social media.
  • Do not publish any content that would be damaging to the company, its employees, teachers, students, and/or fans.


  • It is not acceptable to use JLDC branded logos without written permission from the JLDC Staff.


By enrolling in classes, I waive any liability against JLDC on behalf of my child for any personal injury or loss of property while participating in any activity or any class offered by the school.

In case of an emergency illness or injury in which I cannot be present or reached, I give JLDC permission to seek the necessary medical attention for my child. I give permission for my child to be photographed or videotaped while dancing. I understand that the photographs and video will be used by JLDC for the purpose of publicizing and promoting the studio’s programs and services and may be included on the studio’s website. Compensation will not be expected. I have read and understand the above handbook and I agree to abide by these policies while my child is enrolled in JLDC.