Anti-Bullying Contract


Everyone has the right to feel physically and emotionally safe at school.  I will do everything I can personally, as a member of my dance school’s community, to create and preserve a physically and emotionally safe environment.  In my school, JLDC, LLC., bullying is not tolerated.

Bullying refers to verbal acts, physical acts, or other acts of harassment by using electronic devices.

Some examples of specific behaviors that constitute bullying include:

  • Spreading rumors or posting degrading, harmful, or explicit pictures, messages, or information using social media or other forms of electronic communication (also known as "cyber-bullying").
  • Taunting or making sexual slurs about a person's gender orientation or sexual status.
  • Name-calling, joking, or making offensive remarks about a person's religion, gender, ethnicity, dance ability or socioeconomic status.
  • Physical acts of bullying, such as punching, slapping, or tripping someone.

We understand that bullying, whether it is cyberbullying, physical, or verbal acts that disrupt the learning environment, will result in the following disciplinary actions:

  • 1st Offense:  Name reported to Ms. Josefina Almonte/Artistic Director.  Sign the behavior log; conference with Ms. Almonte; conference with teacher; peer conference and parental contact.  If an immediate consequence is needed, it will be based on severity. 
  • 2nd Offense: Name reported to Ms. Almonte.  Sign the behavior log; conference with Ms. Almonte and class teacher; 
  • 1 week out of school suspension, with mandatory parent meeting.  (2 out of school suspensions in a tri-semester period will result in a School hearing and possible dismissal from JLDC, LLC.)

If you have not signed an Anti-bullying Contract,
please stop by our office to do so.